Dr Nicole Absi Hani

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Weekly Timetable

Dr Nicole Absi Hani is available at the following timeslots:

  • Wednesday 12:00 - 16:00

Dr Nicole Absi Hani

Clinical Psychologist

Last updated: 6/05/2021


- Clinical Psychologist

- Psychotherapist

- Children counseling

- Adult counseling

- Couple counseling 



2019 - 2020 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Certificate (TCC) - "Hôpital Psychiatrique de la Croix" in collaboration with St. Anne’s Hospital (Paris)

1995 - 1998 State PhD: 1st category in Clinical Psychology - Holy Spirit University of Kaslik – USEK

1993 - 1994 Comprehensive Study Diploma D.E.A. in clinical psychology - Holy Spirit University of Kaslik – USEK (Mention : Excellent)

1988 - 1993 Bachelor and Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology - Holy Spirit University of Kaslik – USEK (Mention : Très Bien)

1975 - 1988 Lebanese Baccalaureate in Philosophy - Collège Notre Dame De Louaizé



September 2020 - Present  Psychological expertise at the Maronite Spiritual Court

January 2020 - Present Professor at Saint Joseph University Psychology Section

Students (Master) Neuropsychology

2019  - Present Aboujaoudé hospital – External Clinics

2018 - Present Psychologist consultant with UNICEF and the Ministry of Education MEHE - Jbeil Official school (inclusion system for students with learning disabilities)

2017 - Present  Professor at the Lebanese University - Psychology Section

Students (2nd year) Genetic psychology

1996 – Present Private Clinic in Zouk Mosbeh, Salamé & Rizk Building

Psychological follow-up – Psychotherapy – Conduct psychometric tests with the presence of a multidisciplinary team, psychiatrist, speech therapist, psychomotor therapist and dietician.

Psychological follow-up at Saint Vincent de Paul dispensary, Ghazir

2013-2015  Reflection Workshop Participation – AEFE (Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’étranger).

«Students With Special Educational Needs: Resources for School and Class»

1998-2005 Christ Roi Medical Center – PROMED : Clinical Psychology

1996-2017 Clinical psychologist in a school

Kindergarten – Elementary – Complementary – Secondary

Board member of Primary Education Directors (special help for students in difficulty)


Internships :

2015 - Present Membre de l’AGEEM 

July 2017 Participation in the  l’AGEEM Colloquium in Albi entitled: "I think so I am from nursery school."

July 2016 Participation in the Colloquium of AGEEM in Dijon entitled: «The self-esteem which Issues for children and adults in nursery school?»

July 2015 Participation in the Colloquium of AGEEM at CAEN entitled: «the nursery school to learn: what knowledge, choices and professional gestures?»

Presentation of an educational exhibition at CAEN: «Learning when I am a student with special educational needs»

2004-2007 French Cultural Mission in Lebanon

1993-1998 "La Croix" Psychiatric Hospital – Bsalim

1993 Father Robert’s Institute – Sheileh

1992 New Okal Factory – Zouk Mosbeh


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