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2019 Key Figures

The number of beds, medical team, hospitalizations, operations... here are the key figures for 2019.

Hospitalization beds, among which 5 cardiac intensive care, 4 multi-purpose intensive care, and 4 neonatal intensive care

Employees including nursing, medical technical, administrative and hotel staff members

Doctors from all specialization

Volunteers from Sisters of Santa Maria

Stays in Conventional Hospitalization

days of hospitalization, for an average duration of stay of 2.76 days



243 Employees Among Whom

150 Nursing Staff Members

23 Medical Technical Staff Members

49 Administrative staff and medical secretaries

21 Hotel Staff members

An Exceptional Technical Platform


OR Surgery

Radiology Exam

Echography Exam

CT Scanner


physiotherapy sessions

medical check-ups

dialysis sessions

laboratory analysis

Blood bank analysis

amniocenteses and biopsies of trophoblast

attempts of medically assisted procreation

balance sheets (assessments) of the 1st quarter in the Antenatal diagnostic center

Last updated: 16/12/2021