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Organ Donation

Last updated: 27/01/2022

Lebanon has one of the lowest rates of organ donation compared to other countries in the world where it is less than 2 donors per million people a year. Nonetheless, since 2005, the Ministry of Health has issued two decrees mandating hospitals to report possible organ donation cases and demanding required death declarations. Families may hesitate or resist the levy proposed by doctors after the death of a relative because they do not know whether the deceased agreed on donating his or her organs or not. Therefore, it is important to inform his or her family about his or her position regarding organ donation. On the other hand, The Aboujaoudé Hospital team encourages you to take a position and share it to those around you to make them aware of your situation. By doing so, you will be spreading awareness about this topic and encouraging others to participate in donating organs. Keep in mind, donating organs can a save a life and that will make you a hero. Register to become an organ donor or find out more information about this topic.

Organ donation is a humanitarian act rather than a choice. Expressing one's will to donate after death can save lives.

You Can:

  1. Fill out a donation card.
  2. Announce your wishes to your loved ones and inform them of your decision to be a potential donor after your death.

For more information or to fill out a donor card, call NOOTDT at 05/760760 or 03/443521, or visit the committee's website at: